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Թ: DWG2000C-8GSM

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DWG 2000C-8GSM

DWG2000C-4/8G is full functions VoIP gateway based on IP and GSM network, which provides a flexible network configuration, powerful features, and good voice quality. It works for carrier grade, enterprise, SOHO, residential users for cost-effective solution. Its sea blue small appearance, beautiful and practical, easy-of-use to satisfied necessary of customers. Its a cost-effective gateway for call termination (VoIP to GSM) and origination (GSM to VoIP). It is fully compatible with leading softswitch and SIP server.

Key Feature
- PLC: Packet loss concealment

- VAD: Voice activity detection
- CNG: Comfort Noise Generation
- Local/Remote SIM card work mode
- Adjustable gain of port
- DTMF adjustment
- Balance alarm
- Lock/unlock SIM/UIM 

- Mobile number display rejection
- Sending/receiving SMS

- Customize IVR Recording

- White and black list

- One number access

- Open API for SMS, support USSD
- Echo Cancellation (with ITU-T G.168/165 standard)
- Automatic negotiate network
- Hotline


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