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รหัสสินค้า: WPU-7800

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Unidata WPU-7800

- Sleek White Design
- Long life Li-Ion Polymer battery
- IEEE 802.11 b/g
- 2in TFT color LCD Display
- 5-way navigation key
- 2 Softkeys, 2 Hotkeys
- 110g with battery

Unidata WPU-7800 WiFi VoIP Phone
- UniData wireless IP Phone WPU-7800 is a SIP-based 802.11b/g Wi-Fi phone ready to develop more value added services for users at home and enterprise, while easily applicable with another value added SIP extensions in communication.

Unidata WPU-7800 Product Overview
Main features include:
- Robust securities (802.11i WPA2 personal and enterprise, 802.1xWEP, UMA)
- Automatic roaming (Mobility layer2/layer3 hands over)
- Enhanced power save technology (for longer battery life)
- VMM (high quality voice)
- Mobile phone UI
- 802.11 broadband (data, video and voice network in converged service)
- Auto provisioning
- Interoperability (rich call features)
- Multimedia service
- SIP extension, SIP messaging (SMS/chatting) and presence (In-built navigation)
- Color TFT : 220 x 176 Pixel (QCIF)
- Package Contents: Handset, Cradle, Battery
- Pack, Power Supply, AC Cable, Quick Start Guide

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