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Astribank - 16

Astribank - 16

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Astribank-16 connects to the Asterisk server via a normal USB-2 device and does not require shutting down the machine and opening panels. Astribank-16 has an architecture that was designed for maximum ease in integration. When used with the Xorcom Rapid distribution or Xorcom TS-1 it is practially Plug & Play, unlike any other solution on the market.

Features: - 16 FXS ports OR 8 FXS and 8 FXO ports
- Built-in echo suppression (FXS and FXO)
- Native Zaptel device (drivers included in Asterisk distribution)
- 2 output ports (relays) enable external units activation from the dial plan
- 4 input ports enable automatic dialing triggered by external events
- Compatible with international line impedances
- 100% solid state design, no moving parts
- Robust heavy-duty design

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