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A108 : Eight Port Digital Telephony Card

A108 : Eight Port Digital Telephony Card

รหัสสินค้า: A108 : Eight Port Digital

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The A108 is the octal port version of Sangoma's family of Advanced, Flexible Telecommunications (AFT) hardware designed for optimum support of voice and data over T1, E1 and J1.

Obtainable in both PCI (A108) and PCI Express (A108E) form factors, the A108 provides up to 16.4Mbps of full duplex data throughput or 240 voice calls over eight T1 and or E1 lines to support high performance PCI-based routing and telephony systems. Advanced clocking features allow E1 and T1 lines to be mixed with full synchronization.

As part of Sangoma's AFT range of products, the A108 makes use of the same high performance PCI interface that has been deployed in large quantities all over the world.

The available A108D and A108DE cards include Octasic®'s DSP hardware and certified algorithms providing carrier-grade echo cancellation and Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) functions.

Like all the Sangoma AFT family, the A108 is field upgradeable to take advantage of hardware and software improvements as they become available.

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